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Downtown. Underground.pic

Downtown. Underground.

Image [ and labor-intensive D.I.Y. jacket ]by Brian Landes of Ready Aim Fire Photography

“ I once was lost , but now I’m FFFFound! . . . ”

“ Was blind, But now I see … ” ΔHappy 20th Anniversary, Twin Peaks!Δ:: the owls will never be what they seem ::
clintcatalyst Sep 28, 2011

Exceedingly Extracted. Excitingly Excerpted.

And otherwise  F l o u n c e d Love your guts, Queen Staceface! ♥[ &.thanks.&.thanks.&.thanks ! ]  “ From Flouncing About : Cottonmouth Kisses  ⟦…
clintcatalyst Sep 27, 2011

Fuel for the Nightmare Factory

[ . . . T E R R I F Y I N G ]   

And Our Lesson In ‘Casual Daywear’

. . . continues with ╬ Marko Mitanovski ╬ [ Look & learn, children ; look & learn ! ] Imported from a form of psychological blood-letting
clintcatalyst Sep 11, 2011

[ via Cosmic Machine ]

[ via Cosmic Machine ]Imported from a form of psychological blood-letting
clintcatalyst Sep 10, 2011

Detail from Los Vladimirovich Lookbook , via Nick Alvarez

Detail from Los Vladimirovich Lookbook , via Nick AlvarezImported from a form of psychological blood-letting
clintcatalyst Sep 06, 2011

And THIS, Students Of The World

is what we refer to as ‘tragic foreshadowing.’ Julie Benz as Marcie Fox in Jawbreaker written and directed by Darren Stein [ Imported from a form of…
clintcatalyst Sep 06, 2011

[ altered ]

[ altered ]   Imported from a form of psychological blood-letting

W A N T E D .

W A N T E D .Imported from a form of psychological blood-letting


Imported from a form of psychological blood-letting
clintcatalyst Sep 03, 2011

Photograph of a “ Moonbow ” , via Daily Mail UK

Photograph of a “ Moonbow ” , via Daily Mail UKImported from a form of psychological blood-letting
clintcatalyst Sep 01, 2011

A Peek Inside Rebecca Caldwell’s Carthedral

A Peek Inside Rebecca Caldwell’s CarthedralImported from a form of psychological blood-letting
clintcatalyst Aug 30, 2011
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  • Member Since: 2007-02-21
  • Relationship Status: Solo. Doneozo. Uno. Singular.
  • Orientation: Gay
  • Religion: Other
  • Drink: Yes
  • Smoke: No
  • Children: Love Kids, But Not For Me
  • Education: Grad / Professional School
  • Occupation: Author, Screenwriter, Actor, Producer,

About Me:

I'm the author of the speed-addled collection of stories and spoken word text stitched together and entitled COTTONMOUTH KISSES , which is basically a how-to guide for aspiring degenerates of all sexual orientations and flamboyant fashion persuasions. I also co-edited an anthology of exclusive stories entitled PILLS, THRILLS, CHILLS and HEARTACHE with the fabulously talented Michelle Tea (not only one of my favorite writers, but also one of my closest friends). The book title pretty much sums up what the stories entail...I mean, what else is there in life, anyway?


Well, I have two separate book projects on the back burners, as it's difficult to dedicate time to them now since my foray into television. I've worked in both genres: scripted and "reality." Note the quotation marks, since I'm more than aware of how actual events can be edited for the sake of story.

Currently I'm trying to get stuff going in BOTH arenas... so keep your appendages crossed for me, please! ;) I moved to Hollywood with a ridiculously limited amount of funds and no one to "hook me up" with anything. Matter of fact, I rode the bus for four months and packed food in carry-out boxes at a Mandarin/Chinese restaurant until I was able to work my way up to the measly position as a waiter.

What I'm attempting to communicate here is: I have no patience for people who tell me "it can't be done" unless you're born into the business. It's taken me one little step after another for 8 years now to get where I am, and I still have a LONG way to go.

To sum me up: I'm not afraid to take risks or make a fucking commitment to go for what I want, despite the crooks and crannies along the path that don't always entail fun-filled perks of "the good life."

Because I'm going for "the good life," I know there are some shitty roadblocks along the way...

To the hindrances--and those who cause them out of boredom or just plain cruel intentions--hear me out: SURVIVAL IS THE BEST REVENGE.

I've made it this far, when there were bets that I'd never see my 21st birthday.

Set a goal and go for it with every ounce of marrow in your being— and hopefully I'll meet you somewhere along the way...


' it's all a mystery to me...O.K., (And rambling away on a random tangent? I guess I've just displayed one of my interests in the process!), As the adage goes, Bang on tin cans if you don't have a drum set, Because of the mood I'm in, But from 'here on out, COTTONMOUTH KISSES-- as listed in the, Clint CatalystCreate Your Badge, Doodle on a piece of paper, Explore the way Play-Doh feels when you squeeze it between your fingers, Find yourself a hobby, Go crazy with watercolors, Hell, I don't care WHAT you do, I have no idea why I still can't get the, Just don't sit in my living room whining or sighing about being bored IRL, PROLOGUE: I have no idea why some of the phrases listed below show up underlined and in green, Pick up a book: it's sad how illiterate Americans are these days, Re-stitch an item in your wardrobe that gives you yawn, Testing, That's right: actually MAKE SOMETHING with your hands, Then again, Total turn off #1? Anyone who utters the phrase, What's the happs with DEvolving, and DEFINITELY don't leave me that as a comment—unless it's some passive-agressive move to ensure I'll delete your boring ass, and I don't have a place in my life for people who expect me to provide them entertainment, and revive it as a new creation, either, for all I care.., people who bore easily are BORING, people?, testing:, why don't I start with my DISINTERESTS

Favorite Music:

Add N to X, Adult., AnaRexia, And Also the Trees, Annie, Annie Lennox, Anti-Social Music + The Gena Rowlands Band, Antony & The Johnsons, Apoptygma Berzerk, Apoptygma Bezerk, Artist Unknown, As Tall As Lions, Astrud Gilberto, Au Revoir Simone, Audio Bullys, Bannlust, Beastie Boys, Bertrand Burgalat, Billie Holiday, Bishop Allen, Blacklist, Blanche, Bloc Party, Blonde Redhead, Boards of Canada, Candi Staton, Chicks on Speed, Christian Death, Clan of Xymox, Clare Fader & The Vaudevillains, Cleen, Client, CocoRosie, Cocteau Twins, Coil, Coldplay, Current 93, DJ Gilles, Daylight's For The Birds, Dead Can Dance, Dead or Alive, Deadlee, Death in June, Destroyer, Diamanda Galas, Dirty Sanchez, Dr, EXP, Ellen Allien, Erik Friedlander, Everything But The Girl, Fact 22, Final Fantasy, Fort Minor, Franz Ferdinand, Frou Frou, Future Sound of London, Gangway, Gene, Gitane Demone, Glass Candy, Haujobb, Hey Willpower, Hole, Hot Hot Heat, Hot N Heavy, Imogen Heap, In The Nursery, Interpol, Irfan, Ivy, Jeffree Star, Jer Ber Jones, Jill Tracy, Job Leatherette and Larry Tee..., John Foxx, John Vanderslice, John Zorn, Johnny Cash, Johnny Dangerous, Junior Boys, Katastrophe, Keane, Kronos Quartet, Ladyfuzz, Ladytron, Lamb, Le Tigre, Lil' Kim, Lisa Gerrard, Liz O, Lydia Lunch, Maria Callas, Maritime, Meat Beat Manifesto, Melotron, Men Women and Children, Metric, Mighty Six Ninety, Minty, Mira Calix, Miss Derringer, Miss Kittin, Missy Elliot, Modest Mouse, Morrissey, Mum, Muse, My Bloody Valentine, My Favorite, My Robot Friend, My Violent Ego, Nancy Fortune, Nature & Organisation, Neko Case, Neuroticfish, New Young Pony Club, Ninja High School, On!Air!Library!, OutKast, Peaches, Peter Murphy, Phoenix, Placebo, PlanningToRock, Ponce De Leon, Portion Control, Postal Service, Princess Tinymeat, Pulseprogramming, Pylon, Q Boy, Q Lazzarus, Richard X, Robbie D, Robots in Disguise, Rose McDowall, Royksopp, Scarling., Scissor Sisters, Scream Club, Screaming For Emily, Sebastien Tellier, Secret Frequency Crew, Severed Heads, She Wants Revenge, Shinjuku Thief, Shock and the Deathray Ballet, Sigur Ros, Siouxsie, Skinny Puppy, Slowdive, Snake River Conspiracy, Soma, Sow, Stoa, Strawberry Switchblade, Susumu Yokota, Swayzak, Switchblade Symphony, TCH, Tear Garden, Testface, The All Seeing I, The Arcade Fire, The Centimeters, The Clash, The Creatures, The Dandy Warhols, The Dresden Dolls, The Go! Team, The Horrors, The Joggers, The Joy Formidable, The Knife, The Long Winters, The Lotus Eaters, The Magnetic Fields, The Montgolfier Brothers, The Presets, The Rorschach Garden, The Smiths, The Soft Pink Truth, The Start, The Stills, The The, The Twin, The Veils, The Violets, These New Puritans, This Is Goodbye, Tiger Lillies, Tracey Thorn, Tre Lux, Trisomie 21, Ulrich Schnauss, Until December, VNV Nation, Virgin Prunes, Visage, Vitalic, White Rose Movement, Whitey, Wire, Wolfsheim, X, Zero 7, Zeromancer, cLOUDDEAD, lcd soundsystem, tunes spun by DJ DRC

Favorite Movies:

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Clueless, Color Me Olsen, Daughters of Darkness, Donnie Darko, Jawbreaker, Paris Is Burning, Phibes, Put The Camera On Me, The Abominable Dr, The Devil's Playground, The Hunger, The Reflecting Skin, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders

Favorite TV Shows:

True Blood, and-- immortalized in memory (not to mention DVD box set): Strangers With Candy!, Twin Peaks, Nurse Jackie, The Big C

Favorite Books:

A Crystal Diary--Frankie Hucklenbroich, Ariel--Sylvia Plath, Black Nights--Ron Nyswaner, Blue Days, Brite, Chelsea Girls--Eileen Myles, Cruddy and The Good Times Are Killing Me--Lynda Barry, Dogs in Lingerie--Danielle Willis, Escape from Houdini Mountain--Pleasant Gehman, Exquisite Corpse and Swamp Foetus--Poppy Z, Frantic Transmissions to and from Los Angeles and The Incantation of Frida K--Kate Braverman, Frisk and Guide--Dennis Cooper, Geek Love--Katherine Dunn, Glamorama--Bret Easton Ellis, Hollywood--Charles Bukowski, I Was A Teenage Dominatrix--Shawna Kenney, Invisible Monsters and Choke--Chuck Palahniuk, Jesus Saves--Darcey Steinke, Jr., Lithium for Medea, Mueller--Cookie Mueller, Our Lady of the Flowers--Jean Genet, Perfume--Patrick Suskind, Permanent Midnight--Jerry Stahl, Rent Girl and The Chelsea Whistle--Michelle Tea, Requiem for a Dream--Hubert Selby, Rose of No Man's Land, Running with Scissors and Dry--Augusten Burroughs, Salinger, Shampoo Planet--Douglas Coupland, Shock Value: A Tasteful Book About Bad Taste and Crackpot--John Waters, Story of My Life--Jay McInerney, The Bitch Posse--Martha O'Connor, The Catcher in the Rye--J.D, The Fuck-Up--Arthur Nersesian, The Haunted Hillbilly--Derek McCormack, The Letters of Mina Harker and Real--Dodie Bellamy, The Story of Junk--Linda Yablonsky, They Call Me Mad Dog!--Erika Lopez, Trash, Two or Three Things I Know For Sure and Bastard out of Carolina--Dorothy Allison, User--Bruce Benderson, Valencia, Wonders of the West, Ask. Dr. Mueller

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